About Us

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What is KOTRA?

KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency) is a non-profit, government agency of the Republic of Korea committed to promoting international trade and investment.

KOTRA serves as a bridge between Korean companies and potential partners overseas, including the U.S., by matching companies that are most synergetic and mutually beneficial as business partners.

Specifically, KOTRA:

- Offers support for the activities of Korean companies entering international markets, as well as foreign companies expanding into Korea

- Promotes and supports foreign direct investment (FDI) by providing comprehensive services to Korea’s inward and outward investment clients

- Organizes and hosts international events, such as business development missions,       exhibitions, and seminars designed to connect Korean companies with overseas markets

Apart from our role in bringing the Korean businesses closer to global markets, particularly those in the SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) sector, KOTRA works directly to add capital stocks to host countries, and thereby, contributing to investments and job creations in the host country through various channels.

With 126 offices in 86 countries, our goal is to contribute to the economic growth, not
onlyofKorea, but also of the host country we are located by strengthening mutual understanding and friendship between the nations.

About Washington KBC

KOTRA Washington KBC (Korean Business Center), as part of KOTRA’s North American network of 10 regional offices, offers a wide variety of initiatives to support U.S. clients.