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SMG Co. Ltd. manufactures a gear that does not generate noise and vibration at high RPM by its professional gear design, various cutting work, and grinding work using CNC GRINDING M/C. The products are used in a wide special machinery tool area such as Machine tool, Chiller, and Automobile etc.

Depot Level Vehicle Maintenance Service

- one of leading investment casting parts manufacturer by lost-wax process
- exporting to USA, Australia, Japan etc.

KOREA Defense Delegation Matchmaking Event 2018

One-On-One Business Matchmaking with Korea’s leading defense companies


· Pressure Accumulator & Reservoir with Welded Metal Bellows technology
· Valves and Seal for  pneumatic / hydraulic system
· High-precision metal work (sheet metal work, machining, welding)

Hanwha Defense Systems is South Korea's premier defense company.

 · Used as a gearbox to control the guns of a warship of TriAxis (turning, highs and lows, urgent shell)
 · Manufactured to minimize allowance and backlash when a gear spin for hitting the target.
 · Sub-miniaturization and lighten.
 Manufactured and processed with special materials.

Bosung is the biggest and solely selected local company in Korea devoted for repair and maintenance of Main Battle Tank (MBT), Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV), Communication/ Electronic equipment (COMMEL), etc. During the last 46 years, we successfully served for repair, maintenance as well as overhauling for both USFK and ROK military on various weapon system programs such as radar, EW, EO, and all kinds of military vehicles.

Investment casting parts in the field of Aerospace, Marine, Defense industries